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What we do


Learning Networks

We design, organise and coordinate vocational education trainings by connecting experiences and expertise. We open up spaces for peer-learning exchange among practitioners. We foster intercultural exchange. We build up innovative professional networks in Europe. And we want to learn!


Local Squares Partnership (2012-14)
Open up urban Spaces Project (2010-11)
Workshop of Europe Training (2009)


With the support of participatory methods (Open Space Technology, World Café, Appreciative Inquiry, Graphic Facilitation and Design Thinking), we design and support organisations in hosting conversations about topics and issues that lay at their hearts. We encourage self-organisation in the group, foster collective responsibilty and creativity - from the design to the delivery phase.

Strategy Meeting CfE (2013)

Urban Development

The co-creation of cities is one of the most exiting and challenging urban development processes. Therefore we love working in local settings, exploring cities, envisioning their emerging future. We connect actors, from citizens to municipalities in the co-design of urban spaces.

Our Projects


The team


Giulia Molinengo

Giulia (MA intercultural conflict management) works as facilitator and is passionate about facilitating groups in becoming more aware of their own resources, fostering collective intelligence in the room and supporting co-creation processes. Her practice is inspired by Art of Hosting, Design Thinking and Process-Oriented Psychology.

In the last 2 years, her work consisted especially in supporting organizations in establishing cross-disciplines and cross-nationals networks of practitioners based on the principles of self-organisation, resources exchange and peer-learning. She has been working all over Europe for British Council (Rome), Citizens for Europe e.V. (Berlin, Copenhagen), Bertelsmann Stiftung (Barcelona), Charles Leopold Mayer Foundation (Paris). Currently she is exploring how to best connect this expertise to inclusive urban governance processes.

In the team, Giulia is the one who keeps asking questions and wants to get to the essence of the issue. Only at that point she's happy.

Lena Hummel

As urban geographer Lena's focus lies in improving the dialogue between citizens and policy makers in the field of urban development. Working as well as facilitator she is passionate about using interactive and participatory methods such as Open Space Technology or Graphic Facilitation. 

In 2009 she co-initiated the self-organized Open Space Training on Intercultural Learning. It was the starting point for diving into the field of participation processes. She collaborated as facilitator within different projects with Citizens for Europe e.V. and the Bertelsmann Stiftung. In 2012 she worked as urban geographer for a citizens participation project in Wolfsburg, supported as scholarship of the German Ministry for urban development (BMVBS). Currently she is coordinating the EU Partnership Local Squares.

In the team, Lena is the one structuring contents, drawing colourful schemes and proposing funny energizers when our brains stop thinking.

Wiebke Rettberg

Since her studies in Applied Cultural Sciences, Wiebke has worked as a project manager in different fields such as urban development, community building and public relations. Her aim is to support citizens in their understanding of how their cities and neighbourhoods function and to enable them to participate in their co-creation.

Wiebke supported creative entrepreneurs to set up their businesses by organising temporary space for them to use. She also assisted in setting up and coordinating a network among local creative industries and facilitated several local participatory projects including a young people's project. In addition to working on the projects' content, she has always been in charge of the press and public relations.

In the team, Wiebke is the one who conjures the words together in order to make the ideas behind our projects intelligible to everyone.



Amsterdam - here we come! Our next Local Squares meeting will take place from September 25-27. We'll be introduced to the Oasis Game Method and dedicate time for testing our first toolkit prototype.

Lena, September 3rd, 2013

During the last weekend (May 31st-June 2nd), Giulia had plenty of fun working with 40 young architects coming from all over Europe to Berlin for the Event 0.1. The meeting had the goal to start up an international professional collaborative platform, by working out first its purpose and structure. Quick and dirty prototyping sessions (Design Thinking) have never been so creative, deep and immediate as this time… Maybe also thanks to the inspiring location, facing the well-known graffiti of Blu in the heart of Kreuzberg?

Giulia, 2nd of June 2013

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